Sarveda 7 Chakra Engraved Copper Water Bottle 1 Litre with Handle


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  • IMPROVES THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM – Water stored in a copper bottle is alkaline in nature, making it an easy yet effective remedy for disorders like hyperacidity and gastric ulcer. By improving digestion, its positive effects can be seen on the skin, hair, bones, nails, etc. An increase in energy, vigour and a decrease in lethargy and stress comes as a result of good digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body.
  • ANTI – INFLAMMATORY ACTION – Copper helps in the process of cleaning and clearing the clogged material(lekhana) in the body’s tracts, which helps in increasing the surface area for absorption. This property is useful in treating long-term inflammatory diseases like bronchial asthma, bronchitis, ascites, chronic rhinitis, etc.
  • MAINTENANCE OF A HEALTHY BODY WEIGHT – Copper is useful in improving the absorption and assimilation of food (ahara) in the body. With effective absorption and assimilation, it helps in gaining strength and weight in a healthy manner. Since copper has the ability to facilitate the absorption of iron, it proves to be effective in treating disorders like anaemia, neutropenia and long term weakness.
  • DETOXIFICATION – Copper is well-known for its detoxification properties i.e. the removal of toxic substances from the body. Regular storing and drinking from organically sourced copper bottles will ensure total body detoxification and will aid in a healthy and happier life. A recent study showed that viruses and bacteria such as Rotavirus and E-coli did not survive on the surface of copper making it a natural purifier.
  • DESIGNED FOR HEALTH CONSCIOUS PEOPLE – Our copper bottles are designed for people who are conscious about their health and leading a life that is in harmony with nature. Our designs typically convey Yogic and Ayurvedic messages that all of the material used in creating them is eco-friendly and biodegradable.
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Sarveda Copper water bottles
Sarveda bottle ayurveda benefits litre
Sarveda copper water bottles
Copper water bottles sarveda
Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 15 × 40 cm


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