Our Classes

At fitness flies, Yoga is about personal transformation. It’s about improving health on daily basis.

All our class are focused on increasing the overall mobility, strength, and stability of the Brain and the Body. Our classes support your overall physical health, as well as build up the required energy and emotional well being.

Our Classes carry a comprehensive and balanced physical and mental experience, which is specifically designed to ‘recalibrate’ your energy via use of a variety of postures and practices.

The Main Courses conducted at Fitness Flies Yoga Studio includes…Personal Classes, Group Classes, Corporate Classes, Prenatal Yoga , Postnatal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Senior Citizens Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Rhythmic Yoga, Advance Yoga, Accu-pressure Therapy.


Personal ‘One to One’ Yoga classes are the ultimate way of learning Yoga, as the primary focus of your instructor is only on you. We conduct physical, mental and emotional building asanas during the sessions. This classes are completely tailored to your own needs. So incorporate Yoga into your life and commit. yourself to a steady personal growth and health program.


Enjoy the highest quality yoga classes with clear, simple instructions and expert guidance of our expert. Group Classes are primarily focused on the well being and clear learning of different yoga asanas. Our classes are taught by experienced teacher, Ms Priyanka who have been practising and teaching yoga for years and have extensive knowledge on Yoga ad Meditation.


Our corporate wellness and yoga sessions are designed for everyone regardless of experience, fitness levels, gender, age. There are easy to do options for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. We provide a professional way of learning yoga that reduces stress, strengthens bodies, restores energy levels and provides a fun & enjoyable experience for everybody.


Just because you are pregnant does not mean your going to practice yoga. Our yoga sessions are designed to match a feminine approach that honours a woman’s many phases of her life, especially the awesome rite of passage through pregnancy and birth. Our classes are simply designed for enjoying and practizing complete Yoga benefits for your mind and body.


Embrace the magic of Motherhood. The best way to get started after having a baby is to unroll your mat and start your Yoga sessions! Our yoga sessions are flexible and carry specifically designed format which increases your fitness levels and strengthens up your body. Re-find yourself and develop the deep strength needed to move into the next important phase of life.


Yoga classes for children are important now a days as they can help and prepare the young generation in dealing with issues caused by the demands and pressure of daily life. Yoga provides valuable tools to help children in building up their individual growth and development. We offer kids yoga teacher training courses, so that children of all ages can blossom and grow in mind, body and spirit.


We have the unique skill sets which can help us in designing a tailor made aged care yoga classes to suit the needs of your organization or the individuals. Staying active in your senior years can provide many health benefits. Yoga is a wonderful option to consider if you’re a senior who wants to stay active and flexible. So come and enjoy the benefits of Yoga in your ageing years.

Rhythmic Yoga

Transform your world by getting and more about yoga. We at Sarv Samridhi Yoga Studio believe in transformation through daily practice. No matter what your age, gender, level of experience or fitness. Our Flow of classes combine dynamic movement and breath, linked together in powerful, intelligently designed sequences that will take you deeper into your body and mind.